Sunday, January 20, 2008

San Jose Day Trip
We went to San Jose Saturday for the afternoon. We were planning on just seeing Japan Town but decided Etta may need some running around time after the hour and a half drive there. We heard from local friends that there is a zoo/park that is fun for kids. So we headed there first. The place is called Kelley Park and Zoo and we arrived about 15 minutes before they opened and ended up with free parking. Can't beat that! We got in with a military discount and since Etta isn't two yet (3 more days and counting!) she got in free.
A Chilly Morning!
We heard that the zoo wasn't all that impressive so we went straight to the park side. Eric and I were impressed with the little maize we came upon and Etta had fun running around it. She found the exit as well as a slide. She enjoyed the slide end of the maize.
After the maize and a room or mirrors we ventured over to a car ride. This is Etta's very first ride! She had a lot of fun. There was only one other person on the ride. After it was over I asked if she was "All done?" and she said, "No". So, she and the other girl and another round of fun.
She really enjoyed the Merry Go Round. Both Eric and I accompanied her on this ride several times each.
After playing on most of the toys in the park side we headed over to the zoo side. We saw big cats, merkats, lemurs, and then came upon the interactive area. Who knew seventy five cents would last so long and provide so much entertainment for Etta? She fed several different animals feed one pellet at a time. Therefore, she extended her fun for quite a long time. Here is her first victim...Donkey.
Her next victim was a cow which she didn't have much interest in. She really wanted to feed the sheep but the cow kept pushing them away. She kept yelling, "sheeeeeeep!" but to no avail. She found two ponies after leaving the cow behind.
They had a little petting zoo with goats which she continued to call sheep and yelling, "baaaaaa" at. These guys were soooo fat. Some of them weren't too interested in eating and it was only noon, two hours after opening. I can't imagine how lethargic they are by evening time.
We were on our way out when Etta came across a photo booth and she thought it was fun to go in and jump out repeatedly.
Chloe slept the second half of our time at the zoo.
We didn't end up taking any pictures of Japan Town because it was a little less than spectacular. Eric had seen online that there was a bookstore but we could not find one and it wasn't listed on a brochure for the place. We did eat lunch at a ramen shop because we figured Etta would eat the ramen. I had practiced phrases for restaurants at my tutor session this last week and didn't even get a chance to speak any Japanese. I don't think our waitress spoke any. I think there was one person behind the counter that spoke it, but I don't have that much vocabulary yet to say much. I should have made Eric find someone to talk with! Anyway, we had a great lunch and Etta ended up eating quite a bit. She ate all of my rice and a bunch of Eric's ramen. She even tried out the chopsticks. Looks like I'll have to buy the training chopsticks for her at some point. Lets master the fork and spoon first.
These pictures were requested by my mom. Etta enjoys helping feed Chloe. She needs me to help because on occasion she puts the spoon a little far back into Chloe's mouth causing her to gag. But, she loves helping with Chloe. What a good big sister.

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Great pics! I love the top one of Chloe, so precious. Oh, and sorry to hear about the date. Hopefully next time you can enjoy time together a little more privately.