Monday, January 21, 2008

Our Saturday Night Date

After our day in San Jose we had a date planned...just the two of us. A friend of ours had announced at Officer Christian Fellowship that she had no plans for the weekend and wanted some babysitting jobs so Eric grabbed her before anyone else. Other than having family watch the kids, we haven't had a true babysitter since Etta was about 7 months old. That means we rarely get out by ourselves.
We had thought about asking others to join up with us but decided that it should just be the two of us. Since we don't stay up late (the girls will still wake up at 7am) we opted for drinks and munchies at a local British Pub called Crown and Anchor. Eric's parents had recommended it to us during one of their visits. We went last weekend for lunch after church and enjoyed their food. Eric enjoyed their oatmeal stout on tap.
We got their and ordered some fried calamari, an oatmeal stout for Eric, and a hard cider for me. The food was yummy. We had decided to get one more appetizer and a porter for Eric. When our appetizer arrived the older couple sitting next to us asked what it was and we ended up in conversation with them for the next hour. When I say in a conversation I should say a one sided conversation. The lady had obviously been drinking and wouldn't shut up. Being the way we are, we couldn't just ignore them so we ended up listening about how her (common law) husband had recently lost over 40 pounds, an antioxidant drink called Mona Vie, her job in semi conductors, and the passing of her daddy. It was like pulling teeth. Every once in awhile we got something in but it obviously would go right over her head and would ask the same thing five minutes later. The gentleman was really friendly but she trumped him! He at one point asked if they could buy us drinks which I was for but I could never get a moment to ask Eric what he wanted. So, we finally said we needed to reprieve our sitter and got out. On our way home Eric had mentioned that our bartender was making fun of them across the bar. I wish I had seen it.
Well, that was our night out. At least we have something to talk about until next time! We are hoping to do this once a month now that Chloe has a regular bedtime. Any suggestions that we could do after 8pm in Monterey?
Do you have any date stories like this one?

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Jill said...

What about a wine bar? Or a late night dessert cafe.