Friday, January 25, 2008

My Two Favorite
At the moment I have two favorite websites. and Not only have I sold stuff on craigslist but I've found some good deals as well. As Chloe outgrows her clothes and toys they are going up on craigslist to make room and money for new toys around the house. My favorite purchases so far are a Coupe Car for only $10, a huge black trash bag full of toddler clothes for only $25, and someone in our neighborhood was selling outfits for $2 each and name brand shoes for $1. Oh yeah, we're stocked up.

Freecycle was introduced to us recently by a friend of ours that is also unloading a bunch of kids stuff. She told me that you can go online and offer to get rid of something in particular and then you wait to get an email from someone that would like to take it off your hands. That way it gets used again and isn't thrown into the dumpster. You can also put up wanted adds and see if anyone has it laying around the house and wouldn't mind getting rid of it. So far I've gotten a space heater, a bunch of cookie cutters, replacement Nuby sippy cups, unopened boxes of baby cereal, and our newest find was a brand new helmet and knee pads. I put up a wanted add for a space heater because Chloe's fingers were icicles in the morning and someone gave us a really nice one from Costco. The other wanted add was for a toddler helmet (Etta's birthday present is a tricycle) and this guy gave us a brand new one! I've also given away things that come up that we have and don't need anymore. It's a win win situation.

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Cams said...

So far I haven't gotten anything off of freecycle, but I have given away a number of things. My sister raves about craiglist, but I still need to check it out. Glad you got what you needed! Looks like Etta is having a great time.