Friday, January 11, 2008

The Lost Art of the Turn Signal
I enjoy living here in California. The nice ocean view from the living room, the moderate temperature throughout the year, and the friendly people are just a few of our favorite things. The one thing I don't like is the driving. We are fortunate that we don't have gridlock like LA, but there are some habits that don't change from one part of California to another and that's the lack of the turn signal. I do come across people that use the turn signal and I really appreciate it, but for the most part no one uses them. I sat at the entrance to our neighborhood waiting to take a left this morning and not one of the people turning used their signal. Hello, I would have turned if I knew you weren't going to ram into me! Another one of my favorites is the right lane that has to turn right and the car realizes this when I'm next to them and just moves over, no warning. Take the penalty lap instead of causing a near accident! Ok, I'm done venting. Is it just California or do you have this problem too where you live?
As promised, I have pictures of Etta getting her kitchen the morning after our return. She loves it. It's now moved into her room and occasionally goes in there to play, but she still loves hanging out in the living room with her mommy.
All put together
Turned the corner and saw it for the first time

Her room with the kitchen
Eric made her fort out of boxes. She has since peed in it and only has half of it:(


Tara said...

Etta's little kitchen is adorable!! How fun! I love her pillow with the kitty cat on it. Sweet. :-)

Well, I have to say that ever since I moved to Arizona, I've been convinced that the worst drivers on earth reside here. I rarely see blinkers being used. What I see the most is people on their cell phones just cutting in and out of traffic. I've seen more accidents here is the last 4 years than 20 years living in California. Whew! My husband hates the drivers here so much, he wants to move! lol!

I guess there are horrible drivers everywhere. The use of cell phones 24/7 has made it worse I think.

Well, have a great weekend! :-)

Christy said...

I have to admit, driving in Phoenix was pretty bad when I still lived there. Maybe it's just everywhere. I know I've done one or two stupic things, but I use turn signals! This year using a cell phone while driving is illegal in California. You can only use a hands free device. So, I just got mine in the mail today.

Cams said...

Bad drivers are everywhere! I will testify from down here too, especially since we got the infux of drivers though with all the winter visitors. More cars mean more potential problems, right? And yes, cell phones are often at the ear of a rude vehicle move.
Love the pics of the fort and kitchen. Etta looks so happy.=)

Lysandra said...

That is so cool...I wish Mikey had a fort!