Thursday, January 03, 2008

Christmas in Phoenix

After agonizing over the prospect of a very long drive from Monterey to Phoenix (11 hours non-stop, which means forever with two little ones) we opted for flying. We left here the Thursday Christmas as soon as Eric was finished with school. The flight was relatively painless for me, but Eric was in charge of Etta and she was flying as a lap child. Lets just say she was a handful. We arrived in Phoenix really late and we were fortunately to have Etta and Chloe sleep really well. Etta was thrilled the next morning to see all the goodies her grandma had set up for her. Not only do my parents have a huge backyard full of dogs, they also picked up little playground toys. Her are pictures of Etta enjoying outside!

Her favorite toy at grandma's and grandpa's

The bounce house

She also enjoyed the indoors. Not only are their pets outside, but inside as well! Here is the old lady Britta trying to get some peace and quite then Etta comes in the crate with her. We had to lock the crate just to keep Etta from bothering Britta!

Here's our old cat Mookie. Etta hasn't seen him in a long time and she was making up for lost time. She for some reason can't say Mookie, but does say "meemoo". She was chasing any of the three cats that came her way, but it seemed to always be Mookie. Luckily Mookie doesn't have claws but he did bite her a few times and she deserved it! His short tail was an attraction from the beginning. Grandma and Grandpa seemed pretty happy to have the girls around for the holidays. Grandma showered the girls with gifts and loves as often as she could. They were on their best behavior most of the time we were there. Even I was astounded.

We spend Christmas Eve at Eric's brother's house. Their parents drove from Oceanside, Ca to spend Christmas with us as well. We did dinner and presents with each other that night and we all made out like bandits. Etta got Freckleface Strawberry by Julianne Moore which I think both of the girls will understand in a few years.
Here are the Winterbottoms! Etta, Chloe, and their cousin Allen.
Grandma and grandpa Winterbottom
We spent Christmas with my family. My grandma and brother came over for presents and then a nice big goose and ham dinner. Again, we got more presents than I could possibly think of. Etta in particular had a good time. She was into everything.
As soon as the unicorn was uncovered she pulled off the bow and got on it. She thought that it was pretty neat. The girls got lots of cloths, books, and movies. All great presents for those traveling by air!
I got lots of wonderful things too, I really needed kitchen stuff and I'm now fully loaded. I got cupcake pans, cookie sheets, skillets, cake pans, roasting pans, an apron, the new Harry Potter movie, scrapbook supplies, and the list could go on!
We went to my grandma's for dinner one evening and it was wonderful. Not only did Etta eat herself into oblivion but she loved my grandma's organ!

We threw a BBQ at my parents house for family and friends the Saturday after Christmas. We knew it would be difficult to see all of our Phoenix friends because everyone lives so spread out throughout the valley. Luckily all the kids kept busy with all the toys and dogs so the parents could spend some time with each other. I felt like we just didn't have enough time with everyone, but it was fun! Here is Jade and Etta hanging out in the house.
Chloe had her first veggie while we were in Phoenix. Butternut squash...yummmm.
Etta was given the Parents cell phone (which as a huge hit with all the kids at the BBQ) and even Chloe likes it. Mostly to put into her mouth.
Etta now loves coloring. She just needs to work on staying inside the lines.
Etta playing at a nearby park
Spaghetti, never a clean meal
Wow, this Dorito is yummy
Four generations of redheads
G.G. and Chloe
Grandma and Chloe
There is tons more I could write about but it took me forever to upload the pictures! Etta celebrated Christmas again when we got home. She got her huge kitchen this morning. I'll have to post about it next time. We had a great time while in Phoenix and wish we could have spent even more time there. We were able to see a movie the last night we were there and even saw one of my mom's Goldens have a litter of puppies the day we left. Lost of excitement. Hope everyone else had a wonderful Christmas and New Years.
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Debbie'sDailyDose said...

Thanks for having me over for the BBQ. I had a good time and am always glad to catch up and hang out with friends.

Tara said...

Cute pictures! It looks like you had a great Christmas.

Cams said...

WOW! I loved all the pics, hard to pic faves, but I may say the one at the park with Etta in the slide. Great view!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!