Monday, January 14, 2008

Birthday Party Food Ideas

Etta's birthday is just around the corner and I need some help with food planning. I've got dessert all figured out (chocolate cupcakes and a butterfly vanilla ice cream cake...which I'm attempting to make) but not sure about the rest of it. The main dish is between just ordering pizza or a sub platter. But, with all the little kids coming I'm not sure if the sandwiches would actually get eaten. Pizza is safer, just not healthier. I'll have to have a bowl of goldfish and that's as far as my brain has gone. Any other ideas that are kid and adult friendly?


Butterfly Kisses said...

Is the theme butterflies?

Cams said...

Don't forget that the kids could have fun making a kid friendly and healthy trail mix that uses the fish crackers. For instance, you have raisins, peanuts, cereal, etc. Okay, we throw in marshmellows and m-m's too. The kids love to have such a fun and colorful cup. The adults would love the sandwich platter, and the kids could have some little trianble pb and j sandwiches. Add some juice boxes and a punch bowl for the adults and you could entertain everyone at their level. Anyway, could be fun. Good luck!