Monday, December 10, 2007

Merry Christmas to Us

We've had the same camera since we got married nearly six years ago. The Cannon Elf Power Shot has done us well all these years but I notice that the pictures aren't great quality when printed out and since I'm scrapbooking I'd like to have nicer pictures. Not to mention our batteries would last about 5 minutes before dying. Who else hates the wait time for the camera to actually take the picture after pushing the button? We've been a little frustrated with our camera lately.
We threw out the idea that we should get a nice camera for ourselves for Christmas. Eric researched online for a high quality non-professional cameras that would give us better pictures. We emailed a good friend that has a great Cannon for her suggestions and lead us to look between a Nikon D40 and Cannon Rebel. Eric found the reviews very favorable with the Nikon so we went to the store to check them out to make sure we like the way either of them felt and make sure they weren't obscenely big to carry around. I instantly liked the way the Nikon felt in my hands versus the Cannon so my vote was for the Nikon. So, Eric found a great deal on Amazon and purchased it. We figured we needed to figure out how to use it before Christmas. We got it last week and have taken a few pictures to play around. I don't know how to do anything but manual at the moment.
Here are a few pictures we've taken with the new camera

At a birthday party

Hopefully we made the right choice in cameras. We'll still have the cannon as our backup camera for the times we don't take the Nikon. But for the times we know we'll be taking pictures, the Nikon will be on hand!

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Tara said...

Those pictures look great! I think you made a good choice; I may need to look into getting a Nikon one of these days too. Our current camera is giving me similar problems.

Chloe and Etta look so cute! :-)

Just the Sous Chef said...

The pictures are GREAT & you look fabulous! You made the right choice, NIKON is what we use too for dSLR and I have the Canon Elph for those moments you don't have the big one with you (which there are still plenty!). Merry Christmas to you .... have fun and enjoy! I have the D80 and still learning how to use it, LOL!!! xxoo