Friday, December 14, 2007

Diaper Challenge: Pampers

I'm wrapping up my diaper challenges with Pampers. I wasn't planning on actually doing a Pampers Challenge until I was contacted by someone asking me too. I agreed and was sent Easy Ups for Etta, Swaddlers for Chloe, Sensitive wipes, and some Clean 'N Go Wipes. So, below you'll hear the scoop on all the above.

Lets start with the Clean 'N Go Wipes
I actually had never heard of these and was thinking I would never use them. First of all, I decided to keep them in the house rather than my diaper bags. My baby wipes never seem to get returned to my bag after being in the nursery and feared the same would happen with these. We ended up using them the first day we got them. Etta enjoyed her spaghetti dinner and it proved all over her face and hands. You know she likes her food when she ditches the utensils and uses her hands. The Clean 'N Go was perfect. It only took one and she was cleaned up. She enjoys the Clean 'N Go's so much she likes to use them herself to wipe her hands and face. I have to keep them out of reach otherwise she'd be in them all day long until they were gone. Thumbs up on these guys!
I just looked online and Walgreen's sells these for $3.29 each.

Pampers Sensitive Wipes

We go through a lot of wipes with two children in diapers. I really like the Pampers container; they are more difficult for Etta to open up which is a good thing; otherwise I'd have wipes all over the house. As for quality, I don't think I can tell much of a difference between these and Huggies. I have not used Huggies Sensitive, I typically you the Shea Butter. But I can say Chloe has not had one diaper rash while using Pampers Sensitive wipes. So, if you have a coupon for Pampers' wipes, check them out.

Swaddlers Size 2-3 for Chloe

I was very excited about trying the Swaddlers size 2-3. Chloe just seemed a little too big for the size 2 diapers she was wearing and was going to move into size 3 soon. Immediately I knew these diapers were much better than the cheap Pure and Gentle diapers I've been using. The material felt like cloth and the tabs stretched over to fit nice and snug without cutting off circulation. Not once did she have a blow out while wearing Pampers. When we ran out of Pampers and put her back into the Pure and Gentle I actually apologized to her. They are just sad little diapers in comparison.

Pampers' Girl Easy Ups

I started second guessing myself about asking for Easy Ups since Etta had never worn them before; but I was happy with my choice once we started using them. What kid wouldn't be attracted to the pink Dora easy ups? Etta doesn't even know who Dora is but still would go into the side table or the changing table to bring me one. Yep, she would even lay down on the floor signaling that she wanted a new diaper and it needed to be this one. The old ones just won't do anymore.
The only problem I recently have is that she likes getting naked and she had an easy time taking off the easy ups. I can see this as a pro in the near future when she is full time potty training (she's only peed once in the potty for me, so I consider that part time potty training). Also, it's a pain cleaning a poop with a easy up. I rip the sides to get to it without making more of a mess. I do miss having the side tabs to hold it shut. Before the easy ups she would take it from me and put it in the Diaper Genie. Now, I have to take it for fear of poop getting all over her!

My thoughts:
The Pampers products have been excellent, they really do put other brands to shame. If there was no question about cost, I would be buying Pampers. But, on one income and two in diapers I've been opting for the cheap stuff. I might be willing to purchase Pampers with coupons though. It's great to see such a wide range of products for our ever growing and changing children.

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