Monday, November 05, 2007

Video Clips

Just a few video clips of the girls. The first is Etta with grandma. Grandma likes to play Pop It on the computer and Etta likes to play along saying "pop pop". It's pretty darn cute.


This is the first video I took of Chloe sucking her thumb. It's relatively new for her and does it when hungry or tired. It's just too cute.


This was one of Etta's favorite toys when she was Chloe's age. It's out pretty often now and every once in awhile Etta lays down and kicks it like she's 3 months old again. Too funny.


I have my first Kanji quiz tonight and I'm pretty nervous about it. I'll write more next time. Maybe I'll talk about several new recipes I've made that infuses healthy veggie purees into them. Next up, chocolate chip cookies with beans in them! Sounds great doesn't it? Not so much, but I'm willing to try it.


Lysandra said...

I love cooking with purees....have you tried the Jessica Seinfeld cookbook.

Cams said...

Good luck with the cookies. I pray that they still have chocolate chips in them! I am all about being healthy, as long as desserts are not eliminated!=)
Truthfully, I can't imagine enjoying a cookie with beans in it. Hmmmm