Saturday, November 17, 2007

Taste Test: Deceptively Delicious
The Sneaky Chef
Chocolate Chip Cookies

Last weekend I made the chocolate chip cookie dough for both cook books, Deceptively Delicious (DD) and The Sneaky Chef(SC). Since that would make a lot of cookies, I stored them like a roll of refrigerated dough (like the kind you buy at the store) and put them in the freezer for later use.
First, lets talk about the ease in making them. DD's recipe for the dough is very easy. It's basically a normal chocolate chip cookie recipe (with a little oatmeal) with an entire can of drained and rinsed chickpeas. At first the idea freaked me out. Before freezing the cookie dough I made one just to make sure they were edible (I was going to serve them to guests the next night) and they were wonderful. If you don't like tons of chocolate though, these would be a little rich for you. However, I'm a girl that likes my chocolate. The SC recipe is a little more complex. The flour mixture also has wheat germ, ground almonds, ground oatmeal, and a quarter cup of pureed white beans. I do like that this recipe calls for chopped walnuts. Yum. However, I felt the cookie itself was lacking on chocolate. If I make these cookies again, I will be sure to up the amount of chocolate chips. These cookies also rise a lot more and are more cake like than cookie like.
In conclusion, if you are freaked out about seeing chickpeas in your cookies then DD's recipe may not be one for you to try. But if you like your chocolate chip cook recipe simple but would like a little more nutrition from your average cookie, try the recipe. If you are willing to spend a little more time on a batch of healthy (maybe not healthy, but are less fattening than the normal chocolate chip cookie) cookies for you, your kids, or friends whip up the recipe from SC. I think with a little tweaking, I would like the SC's recipe more just because I don't like seeing whole chickpeas in my cookies. But, for simplicity I sure do like DD. These two cookies are very different from each other but both taste pretty good. If I had to pick my favorite based on the recipes given, I would go for DD but Eric picked SC. I suppose I'll just have to have both cookie doughs on hand!

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