Thursday, November 08, 2007

Sneaky and Deceptive

A few weeks ago Oprah had Jerry Seinfeld's wife on her show talking about her cook book being published, Deceptively Delicious. She was tired of battling the kids every meal to get them to eat their veggies so she started pureeing all of the veggies and hiding them into their favorite foods like mac n cheese, chicken nuggets, cupcakes, cookies, and brownies. I wasn't too keen on the idea until they taste tested the food on school kids. They were gobbling everything up and had no idea healthy food was in them too!
I'm not sure if Eric was home for the show or not but I convinced him that it would make a good addition to the house. We eat a lot of fruits and veggies (we've gone vegetarian one to two nights a week) but it can't hurt to have more! I ordered the book from Amazon and it took a good two weeks to get it. During that time I read some reviews on the book and found that she by no means came up with the hiding veggies idea. There is another book called The Sneaky Chef but obviously not as well known since it wasn't on Oprah! I checked out the Sneaky Chef book from our local library and I have to admit I've only been making recipes from her book. Probably because I have to give it up in a few weeks. My first recipe was peanut butter and jelly muffins with yam and carrot puree. They tasted very light and I could tell there was carrot because I was looking for it, otherwise I'd be none the wiser. My next recipe was no harm chicken parm. The chicken was dipped into a spinach, broccoli, and pea mixture then whole wheat flour, ground almonds, and wheat germ. It was pretty darn good too! My most recent recipe has been our favorite so far, corn muffins. It was mixed with cauliflower and raw zucchini puree along with pureed corn and they were excellent. It's nice to decrease the amount of calories and increase nutrition and fiber in normally not the healthiest types of foods we eat.
I plan on making the chocolate chip cookies this weekend. The one from the sneaky chef has pureed white beans (I'll use Navy beans) whereas Deceptively Delicious has whole chickpeas in them. I'm a little suspect of that, but I'll try it sooner or later. I rarely ever bake, so I'm not sure when I will be able to compare the two.
So far, I really enjoy the Sneaky Chef. The only recipe I've used from Deceptively Delicious is the oatmeal with pumpkin in it. It needs tweaking because it's a little sweet and really thick. However, the flavor was good. Between the two, I don't know yet which one is the best. They have several of the same recipes which makes me look down on Deceptively Delicious, but they both have a lot of great ideas. I'll write again soon about my cookie adventure as well as writing up which one I like the most. It looks like I'll have to break down and actually by the sneaky chef (or that would make a great Christmas present...hint to my family).
It's funny that I home made all of Etta's purees and never thought about adding it to a main menu. Probably because we haven't had to battle her to eat her veggies yet. But, I do like the idea of getting extra veggies in our diets, hope this works in the future if she becomes a picky eater! Have any of you hidden veggie purees into your meals? What recipes have you used and how did it turn out?


KBG said...

I hide veggies in Hamburgers. I finely chop carrots and onions in a food processer and then add it to the ground beef (along with some Worcestershire Sauce) when I patty them. I think it makes them taste way better, but you have to be careful because the patties won't hold together as well as just beef.

Tara said...

I haven't tried anything really creative yet. I am SO glad you posted this review because I had read about both books and I kinda wondered which was better. I think I'll go check out that Sneaky book from the library too. I need to get my husband to eat more veggies for sure (he is so just like a picky kid!). :-) I'm glad to know which recipes worked for you. I'm definitely going to give those a try.

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