Monday, November 19, 2007

Our Little Pebbles
Etta's hair is finally long enough to pull back into a pony/pig tail (BTW, which is it?). She won't allow any bows or clips in her hair, but she does enjoy getting the pony tail. Awhile back I always laughed at kids with the tiny pony tail on top of their heads, but then you have your own child that is constantly categorized as a boy even in pink, purple, and dresses. So, I broke down and pulled it up on top of her head for a pony tail. It's kind of funny, but no one has asked if she's a boy. Finally!
The other day a friend of ours had referred to her little boy as Bam Bam since he was carrying a gallon of milk then said Etta needs to be called Pebbles. I didn't even think about the connection until then. So, I pulled up a picture of Pebbles and sure enough, all that's missing is a bone in Etta's hair. Maybe next Halloween!
Etta at our neighbor's 4th birthday party
The birthday girl, Margaux
Margaux's sister Tessa First piece of cake since her first birthday, she only likes the icing, !
I'm a mess!
Our favorite local restaurant The Fish House


KBG said...

My daughter's hair was always like that when she was younger because it grew really long on top and was in her eyes - like a bad toupee!

Tara said...

How cute! Etta's hair looks great, and she makes a very cute Pebbles! :-)

I personally call it a pony tail if it's one, but when I do one each side it's called pig tails. I have no idea why though. :P

Jill said...

All she needs now is the animal print outfit and a bone. How does she not like cake? At least she likes the icing--my favorite part - lots of sugar!!!

Christy said...

I'm an icing girl too! She just isn't into desserts yet. I suppose that won't last long.

Lysandra said...

That kid is so cute!