Monday, November 26, 2007

Christmas Pictures Fiasco

I bought matching dresses for the girls at WalMart a few weeks ago in hopes to have some nice pictures of them taken for Christmas cards. The closest Sears/JC Penny is 45 minutes away in the next city and is just not ideal with the two kids. First you have to drive there for the pictures then two weeks later you have to drive back to pick them up. Not the cheapest (hello gas is like $3.40 a gal here) and not the most time saving plan. Of course I don't feel the need to shell out hundreds of dollars for a professional. After all, last year's picture of Etta came out great, how hard could it be to duplicate the end product?
Well, first of all I'm working with two kids rather than one. Second, our battery will run for about 5 minutes before it flashes saying it needs to be charged. Third, did I mention two kids under the age of two? Anyway, I managed to get a few pictures before the camera died and they weren't good. Either Chloe was in a bad position or Etta wanted to do her own thing. None of the pictures are card worthy so I figured I'd post them here.
Anyone else doing Christmas cards with pictures? If so, how are they going? Hopefully better than us!
The best of the pictures!

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KBG said...

You need to look online and see if there is a Portrait Innovations in your area. They have no sitting fee and take about 2 trillion digital pictures which can be cropped, colored, zoomed, etc. It is BY FAR the best place to have kids pictures made, and they do Christmas cards!

Tara said...

These pictures are cute! :-)

Cams said...

I symnpathize with you, it isn't easy to do pics with multiple children. Even when they are older, they don't always co-operate! Love the kiss ones, maybe you can do one of those, or do some more next time you get the ambition, it is too adorable.

Just the Sous Chef said...

They look adorable ... and you may have already read my blog, NO, we are not having any better luck! I don't have any to share yet ... still working on getting a good one! :) I love the dresses!