Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lets Talk Movies

Eric and I haven't gone to a theater since right before Chloe was born. My mom was out to visit and watched Etta while we enjoyed an evening of Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix. I have to personally say that is the best movie we've seen in a long time. It seems as if the last several months have hit a low point in DVD rentals. We rent from Blockbuster.com and have always had something interesting to watch, except since Chloe was born. I wait for all the new releases and put them in my box and I'm all excited when they get shipped. I love getting stuff in the mail...who doesn't? We anticipate our movie nights all week long and then the huge let down when we actually spend the two hours in front of the TV. Lets talk about our most recent movie for example, we watched 28 Weeks Later. Great concept for a movie but started going down hill as soon as kids went off in the non-safe zone by passing military men with guns. First off, they didn't get shot! I don't know how we suffered through it, but we did it. Last weekend it was 1408 which we had been anticipating since it's release in the theater, another let down. Then there was the Fantastic 4 sequel. The first wasn't all that exciting, but I thought the second had to be good. Again, let down. However, I do like watching Ioan Gunford who plays in the Horatio Hornblower series. If you haven't heard or seen them, you should look into renting them. Really entertaining in a cheesy way. The previous week was Astronaut Farmer which I thought would be pretty good, but it was pretty cheesy. How could a wife not know where the money was coming from to pay for a freaking space rocket? Hello! That would have been my first question to Eric, "How are we going to pay for a space ship honey?".
Now I have my hopes up for the Transformer movie that was shipped yesterday. Eric has already claimed Friday night to be pizza and movie night for it. I'm so worried I'm getting my hopes up just to be let down again. Anyone see Transformers? What did you think of it? Will I have another let down this weekend? Have you seen any movies recently that you recommend?
I can say that I am having a blast watching TV episodes on DVD. I wonder if all the good script writers have moved to television. I'm in the process of watching season 3 of Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, and the final season of Sex and the City. I like that I can watch an episode in a short amount of time and the story lines are always on the move. Eric calls it prime time soap operas. He's right about that! I also enjoy watching Heroes Monday evening but can never see the whole show since Chloe goes to bed during it. What is the one show you can not miss on TV, or hate to miss? Mom...you can't have 20 answers...only one!
Well, I should be working on my homework but I really don't want too!


Pam said...

Just one show, wow, I guess Survivor is my favorite show. But I really like The Bachelor, Chuck, Cane, Amazing Race, Ghost Whisperer, Young and the Restless (day time), Eureka, Stargate Atlantis, oh, did you say only one show....my bad, guess I like TV too much ;)))))

Christy said...

I thought Heroes would be on that list mom!

Jen said...

I love Heroes! :)

Pam said...

Okay, Heroes is also one that I like, but heck, I think there is something everynight that I record while I'm at work. Use to be you had to look for something to watch, now there is too much to watch. Did I tell you that I've given up on three shows already, probably will add a couple more soon, they aren't keeping my interest like I thought they would.

Jill said...

Justin and I just watched Knocked Up, which was funny and odd. Just one show. . come on Christy--who watches just one show anymore with the invention of DVR. My favorite TV shows are the: Hills, Battlestar Galactica,the Bachelor and Private Practice.