Monday, October 29, 2007


I need to post pictures for the grandparents, but they are kind of random. So, I suppose I'll talk about them too. This one is really random. Etta really likes playing horsey with Maggie and Maggie usually isn't tolerate enough to let her make it into position. However, this night she was and Etta got a good couple of bounces before getting bucked off.

Eric, the girls, and I went to the aquarium two weeks ago and found out just how fast a toddler can run when excited. It's amazing how much fun she has at the aquarium. We've been three times in the past month and it never gets old.
A crawl space at the otter exhibit

Art exhibit
Chloe is getting pretty excited about her toys now. She loves grabbing her toys on the bouncer.
She's pretty good at sucking her thumb now; especially when she's tired or hungry.
Grandma is out to visit and brought Etta's Halloween costume. She's going to be a golden retriever. She is trying it on for good measure. Grandma also brought along enough presents to be Christmas! Etta is also enjoying her new dress up bracelets, necklace, and ring grandma picked up for her.
Grandma, the girls, and I went to the aquarium as well. My mom had been when I was just a little girl and says it's completely changed. We both followed Etta throughout the aquarium!
An indestructible book at the aquarium
Chloe is finally warming up to grandma.

I was able to take my mom to the local chocolate factory and the museum of natural history as well. I was hoping to take her to the Monarch butterfly sanctuary as well but the weather has been a little nasty the last two days. We made some homemade caramel apples as well as graveyard cupcakes to take with us for my bible study today as well as the church Halloween party. So, we've been keeping busy! Unfortunately Grandma is heading back to Phoenix this afternoon:( It's so nice having family here. Not only have I enjoyed it, but the girls too!

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Well hello Friends...

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