Monday, October 01, 2007

Get Away

We went to Travis AB located in Fairfield, CA for two days this past weekend. Eric had to have a flight physical and for some reason we had to do it there. So, it was a 3.5 hour drive there Thursday evening. It's never fun listening to a whinny toddler behind you for hours. We got in at 10pm because of traffic and stopping for dinner. However, the room on base was amazing. We asked for a two bedroom and our expectations were surpassed. Two bedrooms, a living room, and a fully stocked kitchen. It was great, Etta slept in one of the full beds in her own room and Chloe slept in the living room. By the way, Chloe slept over 9 hours two nights in a row!

The next morning Eric took off for his doctor appointment leaving me to battle a cranky toddler with very few toys. When he got back we drove a few miles to the Jelly Belly factory. Unfortunately it was a down day so we didn't get a chance to see the line in production, but we still got to tour the factory and get free samples. We learned that Ronald Reagan was a huge Jelly Belly fan, the original idea for the Jelly Belly came from Turkish Delight, and it takes 7-21 days to make a Jelly Belly (depending on flavor). We learned that not all Jelly Belly's come out perfect enough to sell. Some come out too small, too big, or even stuck together. Those are called Belly Flops and they sell them at a fraction of a price. Of course we bought some, it's kind of novel. Here are a few pictures of our tour.

My hat's too big

On our way back to Monterey we stopped at the Winchester house in San Jose. We bought tickets for a tour and later found out that there were no strollers allowed. Hello, we bought the tickets with a double stroller! So we didn't end up seeing inside the house but we got to tour the gardens and outside the house. Next time we'll bring the Bjorn and have Etta on the leash so we can do the tour. It's a pretty amazing house from the outside.

It was another whinny trip home, but it was nice getting out of the house and seeing some sights. What will be next?

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Cams said...

First off: I love your hair! It has grown out, or so it seems and looks great. Your color is gorgeous.
Second: Fun trip! Even with the whining and unexpected non-tour of that house, you seem to have had a great time. It does look beautiful and I would definitely have bought some belly flops also.
We had fun when we went to the Hershey Factory in Hershey Pensylvania in Spring of 06. The girls thought is was second only to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!
Our next trip will be to San Diego when my mom comes to visit. Of course that is old stuff for us, but we love it so we keep going back.