Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fun at the Aquarium

Monterey has a wonderful aquarium. Eric, Etta, and I went there shortly after moving here and should have gotten the membership right off the bat but we didn't. Last week a friend of mine wanted to go (her family does have a membership) so I met her there. We are now members and can go whenever we want and have a special entrance. I feel so special. It's also nice because I won't feel bad if we're there for only 45 minutes. However, my friend Christi, her two kids (Benjamen and Ashley), and us were there for one and half hours and didn't get through it all. We also found a part of the aquarium we've never seen before. It was a great time and I lucked out with Chloe sleeping the entire time we were there!
Kelp Forest
Ashley and Etta, entranced with fish!
"Dish" Etta's word for fish
I refer to this as the splash zone, but it's the tide area and water goes over the glass ever minute or so.

Crawl Space for kids to watch otters
Otter slide
Most of my pictures of Etta at the aquarium are of Etta's back because she did so much running around. We'll be going again soon while grandma is out visiting next week!
On another note, Chloe has slept 10 hours without waking up the last two nights in a row! Oh yeah! However, she is refusing the bottle now. Makes it difficult for Eric to take care of her while I'm at class. Takes a lot of planning and strategy's on my part before going anywhere. Well, Etta is clinging to my leg right now. I'll post again later with several pictures from a pumpkin patch last week.


Cams said...

The aquarium sounds like fun. My kids love to check out those things too. I also agree about the time spent there. We have a zoo membership (San Diego) and I don't feel guilty for only going for a short time. I had a pass when we lived there and the girls were babies like yours are now.=)
But, aren't the girls getting big! I can't believe how big Chloe is getting! Look at those cheeks! I love them that way, my kids were the same way.

Jill said...

I go with my friend Jenny H. to the zoo all the time with the family membership. A great time to be outside and we pack our lunch and have a picnic. Lily loves the fish. I see Chloe has a purple bumbo seat, isn't that nice to have!!