Saturday, September 08, 2007

Head Shape

When Etta was born she had a serious cone head. So much so that she was always in beanies or people would comment on it. Most people asked me if I had a long labor because of her head shape. Surprisingly my labor was short but she still was a cone head. However over time her head shape became normal.
Chloe was delivered quickly as well and came out with a perfect shaped head. So much so that people commented on how perfectly shaped her head was. Now, eight weeks later the right side of her head is flat! I didn't notice it until I turned her around and looked from the back a few days ago. I've noticed that she favors putting her head to the right even when I lay her head the other direction but never thought to check out her skull. Well, it's so bad I'm freaking out!
One of my closest friends had a daughter in a helmet to correct her skull and now I'm thinking it will be Chloe's turn to be in one. We have a doctor's appointment this Thursday for her 2 month check up and can't wait to hear what the doctor has to say about her head. Keep Chloe in your prayers that this isn't serious and can be easily fixed either at home or with a helmet. I'll try posting pictures of it soon, but I have to take pictures of it first.

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Cams said...

Babies often have parts of their head flatter than another according to how often they are layed in the same position. As they get older, it will round out. However, DEFINITELY ask the doctor about it. Don't forget to rotate which direction you lay her in her bed.
I am sure she'll be fine. I had sunnyside up babies, so heads all looked perfectly round, but a little harder to get out in the first place!