Saturday, September 08, 2007

Diaper Challenge: Exchange Diapers

Ok, this is really for military people because the only place you can get these diapers are at the base exchanges. But, here is the skinny of the BX (PX here in Monterey) brand of diapers.

Etta: about 25 pounds
size diaper: 4
Cost per package: $6.80

Conclusion: I can't remember how many came in this package but it is about the same count as all the other brands. I bought a package of these a long time ago based on a recommendation from a friend of mine. However, I rarely went to the BX in Nellis therefore never really had the opportunity to buy them. Now that I'm closer to the PX here in Monterey we are frequently in that area and can pick them up. Anyway, Etta has been wearing the size 4 only during the day (wears size 5 at night and we've been finishing up her pampers for that) and hasn't had any leaks. They are considerably cheaper than LUVS, Huggies, or Pampers and have my vote so far.

Chloe: about 8 or 9 pounds (we'll find out Thursday)
Size diaper:1
Cost per package: $6.80

Conclusion: Again, not sure how many came in this package but it is comparable to the other brands. I had calculated the cost per diaper just after purchasing the diapers and it came out to 12 cents per diaper. The diapers have been great up until the last day or two. Now she seems to be leaking between every feeding. I'm not sure if that means she needs to go up in size (seems a little early) or these diapers just don't hold as much as other brands. I had to pick up diapers the other day at the commissary and picked up LUVS size 1 again because the commissary brand (Pure and Gentle) doesn't come in size 1. Next time I'll pick up a size 2 to try out on Chloe.

Etta will start wearing the Pure and Gentle diapers probably later today. These are even cheaper, just under $5 per package. Hopefully they work well because this may be the cheapest way to go. I plan on getting another BX brand for Chloe but go up in size to see if the leaks are no longer an issue then compare them to the Pure and Gentle brand. I doubt that I'll be trying WalMart (too far away), Target, Albertson's, or Safeway's brand because I rarely go to those stores. Plus, the military brands seem to be pretty darn good and even cheaper than the other brands.

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Cams said...

Good luck! I have tired the commisary brand before and it didn't work with my Sammy. I am a Luvs girl most of the time.
Oh, how I remember the days of buying diapers for TWO! We even bought diapers for 4 when my two nephews who are the same age as my girls lived with us. 5 months of 4 kids in diapers. I got to the point I would just check and change everyone at the same time, unless they didn't need it. I am looking forward to having a little break from diapers. We haven't reached potty training perfection, this week has been one of regression, but we are taking the right steps and working on it.