Monday, September 24, 2007

Christmas in September

Etta loves playing with kitchens when having play dates with other little girls. I've been looking around online for a great kitchen that both the girls would play with for years. While browsing through I came across the Lifestyle Deluxe Kitchen, every person who reviewed it gave it 5 stars except one person. That person gave it 4 stars because it takes too many batteries. Anyway, this sucker is the mack daddy of all kitchens. I would never want to get this if we only had one girl, but since our house will be completely girl occupied (save daddy) I figured we should splurge and go big.
The cheapest one I could find ended up being at Linens N Things if you can believe that! They had a special going on if you signed up for their email listing you would get 20% one item. I wanted to wait and make sure that's what we were going to get the girls for Christmas and by the time I was sure the special was gone! I was determined to get that 20% off. I did some searching online and found a code for 20% off and ordered it this weekend. The box will be hanging out in Etta's closet for a few months.
I just remember my mom telling me that for years she and my dad would spend hours putting toys together for my brother and I the night of Christmas. Now, Eric and I get to start the tradition of staying up all night getting all the toys ready.
P.S. Please do not buy anything kitchen related for the girls ever!
Have you thought of any Christmas presents for the kids, yourself, or your husband yet?


Jen said...

That's awesome! The toy Jade has gotten the most use out of is her kitchen, so I think you'll be happy with it!!

Jade is getting a new Fisher Price Twin Time Dollhouse for Christmas and tons of accessories for it. That, and we're thinking about rollerblades. Scary thought.

Christy said...

I looked up the doll house...super cute. I can't believe Jade is old enough for rollerblades! Where has the time gone?