Saturday, September 01, 2007

Chloe's Scrapbook

Awhile back a friend of mine somehow got me into scrapbooking after going to a Creative Memories party. During my free time (if both the girls are sleeping and I've finishing my homework and studying) I've been working on Chloe's scrapbook. I've included all of the pages so far. I don't have a first page yet, I figure that will actually be the last page done. So pages two and three are of the famil tree and so on.

Ultrasound page 1
Ultrasound Page 2
Baby Shower page 1

Shower page 2
pregnancy page 1
pregnancy page 2
Hospital page 1
Hospital page 2
Hospital page 3
Hospital page 4
Chloe page 1
Chloe page 2

What do you think? Do you like to scrapbook? If you have any suggestions (like books or websites that you use or books that you like) on how to make a really great page or topics for a page for either of the girls, I'd appreciate it. The next two pages I do are in Etta's book and the topic will be 'Etta and Chloe'.


Cams said...

I have scrapbooked MANY pages in life. I have a simple style, but still find that I don't have the desire for it that I did before. I LOVE to take pictures, and LOVE baby books, but once they have reached a certain age... .3? I am ready to scale back, a lot. I do a book for each, plus our family book. I will send them with theirs when they marry or something. I still scrapbook, but just my favorite pictures, a few pages every 6 months or so.=)

Jill said...

Scrapbooking, yea I can't stand it!!!! I don't have patience for it.

Butterfly Kisses said...

Hey Christy..your scrapbook pages are cute. I am so behind on the ones for my kiddos. I wanted to tell you though, that a friend of mine and CM consultant, let me know awhile back that you need to scan in your ultrasound pics and either print them out or order them, because if you use the actual ultrasound pictures from the doctor, they will fade over time.