Monday, August 06, 2007

Who's Who?

I downloaded a few new pictures today and noticed one of Chloe's pictures reminded me of an early picture of Etta. Look at the two and see if you can tell which picture is of Etta and which picture is of Chloe. * Since posting, Eric guessed wrong on the pictures below!*

Am I Etta or Chloe?
Am I Etta or Chloe?
You may be able to tell based on size, Etta is of course the smaller of the two and is in the bottom picture. That makes Chloe the top picture. I keep telling myself that they look completely different from each other but now I'm starting to wonder. It will be fun to see in a few years whether or not they look identical or have completely different looks.
I'll post more pictures of the girls in another day or two (but I'll start working on it now).

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Tara said...

How cute! Of course I had no idea who's who, but I still love seeing pictures. It will be fun to see who Chloe looks like as she gets older. No matter what, she'll be beautiful.