Monday, August 13, 2007

Up to my Elbows in Diapers!

I have two kids in diapers....uhhhhhh. I feel like I'm either feeding or changing one of the girls throughout the entire day. Etta's started out in Pampers when she was a newborn then we quickly changed to Huggies once she went into size one. They just seemed to fit her better. Chloe has been in Pampers since she was born, again because I like the newborns. So, I figured to take advantage of the reward points from Pampers and switched Etta over to Pampers. Why not get something for free since we're spending a small fortune on diapers?
Several days after switching to Pampers, Etta got a diaper rash. The next day it was worse, much worse. Good thing her 18 month doctor appointment was the next day because it turned out to be a yeast infection. I mentioned to the doctor that I had just recently switched brand of diapers and she told me that it was probably due to the diapers not holding liquid as well. Arg! Etta has been on a cream to clear it up but it still looks horrible. We let her run around naked several times a day to help dry it out as well. We've had to clean the carpet three times because of it:)
For those of you with kids, what diapers do/did you use? Would you recommend them? We haven't really tried non-name brand diapers but I think I'm willing to try them to save a buck or two. It was amazing how much we spent the last time we went to the grocery store just because of the diapers!


Butterfly Kisses said...

Hey Christy-
When I first had Audrey, I was like you, against anything other than name brand diapers. I used Pampers with her. But as Audrey got older, I started trying out other brands. I became a huge fan of LUV's for Audrey, they were great and cheaper. But with Isaiah, maybe since he is a boy, he just leaked through them like nobody's business. He has been in Huggies since. However there have been a few times I have put him in Safeway's brand of diapers, and he's been fine. In fact a lot of my day care kids use the Safeway brand, and they really hold up. But I highly recommend Luv's. I think they work well for girls.

Jill said...

I personally like Depends.. . Oh you don't mean those diapers. Just be thankful that you and Eric aren't in them yet. . :)

Christy said... are too funny! I'm trying LUVs next time I go to the store (for Etta, not myself).

Jennifer said...

If you have a Sam's Club, their diapers are awesome. I think they are called "Member's Mark"...Jade wore them up until June when we switched to undearwear. They were even cheaper before they changed the box, but still better than name brand.

Christy said...

Surprisingly no Sams Clubs here in CA (that we've seen anyway).

Jill said...

Just think if you wore the diapers yourself--20 more minutes of sleep, blogging abd relaxing. Ask Eric if he will change your diaper. . Ha ha!!!