Sunday, August 19, 2007

I Love Chocolate!

I love regular chocolate but I really like my new cell phone, the LG Chocolate. As some not so wise parents can relate, my last cell phone (the Motorola razr) was one of my daughter's favorite toys. It's been slobbered on and dropped more times than I've used it during it's lifespan. Needless to say the number six button no longer worked; which posed a problem since my voicemail key code contains a number six in it. Yeah, I could never check my messages. Hopefully that explains some of the late returned messages to everyone! Also, my battery completely sucked. I had to charge it every night and anytime I drove. I hated the beeping sound when that thing was dying!

Ok, back to chocolate. I was driving back from Salinas which is the next city over and I tried calling my mom. My cell phone kept saying the the number was inactive. That just pissed me off. When Eric got home from his Costco trip I vented about my stupid phone and it's new problem. After lunch Eric surprised me with Chocolate! It's such a cute little phone. I haven't figured out all of it's options yet but give me a few weeks and I'll be a pro. It's neat that it's controls are like an ipod. The picture below is the one that I have, even the color is the same. I want to apologize to Vicki since I am no longer supporting Motorola...which means her job is on the line!

What type of cell phone do you have and is it any good? Do you even have a cell phone?

Next blog...the LUVS Diaper challenge.

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KBG said...

Everyone I know who has had a Razr (including us) has had problems with the battery life. It is a total headache. Good for you that you got a new one!