Monday, August 06, 2007

Funny Addictions

I'm going to start this post off by making fun of my parents and Eric's parents. Let's start off with my dad. Eric and I do not drink coffee. The closest I get to drinking coffee is the seasonal pumpkin spiced latte from Starbucks. Since I've been pregnant the last two seasons that Starbucks offered it, I haven't had a too many. Therefore, we do not have a coffee maker. It was never much of a problem for my dad because he would just drive across the street to Starbucks to get coffee while we lived in Vegas. It became a problem here though, no coffee shops across the street for us. My dad broke down and bought a four cup coffee maker while he was here last month and ended up leaving it for all our other coffee drinking guests. Mainly my in-laws.

Speaking of my in-laws, lets move onto them. They drink coffee every morning as well and I think they usually go to Starbucks and get a particular drink. While they were here recently they had the option of using the coffee maker. They picked up some ground Starbucks coffee and made it one morning. The rest of the time they were here they went to Starbucks to get their regulars. My father in law said it tastes better from Starbucks. I just want to laugh, but then again I obviously don't get coffee!

Lets move on to my mom. My mom was here for about two weeks and was not about to go without TV. If you don't know already, Eric and I do not have TV. We had a TV, but we use it to watch movies and that's it. So, I had to take my mom to Circuit City to get the equivalent of rabbit ears for the TV. That gave us two channels, NBC and Fox. It appeased her though since she was able to watch a couple of her programs that she would have otherwise missed. She decided to leave them behind (she could have returned them for a refund since she was only here for two weeks) so next time she comes to see her grand babies she doesn't have to buy them again.

I'm not sure what my addictions are, but I bet my friends and family could pick it out for me. You're more than welcome to tell me in the comments. What is your addiction? I'd love to hear about it. Before I end this, just want tell my parents I love them even though I'm making fun of them!


Nellie Bellie said...

I would have to say coffee too. I would spend my last 5 dollars on a iced mocha. I have been drinking iced mochas since I was 17!!!

Tara said...

Unfortunately, my addiction is coffee too! I have to have it. Starbucks is my happy place. :-)

Pam said...

I'm not sure if I could have lasted 16 days without some TV, love my programs :) But I know that the early morning show is pretty good to watch while nursing a new baby, isn't it???? :))))

Jill said...

There are too many to list. . (Due to my OCD tendencies) From the grande decaf skinny no whip white chocolate mocha to the 26 Christmas Trees I put up this year. Or it could be my addiction to picking up the house every night-nothing on the counters or in the sink—I blame my mom for that one. Shoes and pedicures are some of my other addictions.

Cams said...

I had to laugh at the OCD thing, I have my fair share too!
My greatest addiction may be photos, the other easily is food!
I gained a couple of pounds on vacation this summer.=(
Time to get back to the regular exercizing... my elliptical.