Monday, August 06, 2007

Etta's New Big Girl Bed

The day that Eric's parents headed back to Oceanside I put her new bed together (minus the frame) to start the transfer from crib to twin bed. That afternoon I put her down for a nap and it took about 30 minutes of whining and crying before she fell asleep...on the floor. She still did bed time in the crib for a few days until she got nap time down in the new bed. Eric has had to pick her up off the floor once or twice, but otherwise she has made the transfer pretty well. She is now completely in the twin bed for nap and bed. That means Chloe is in the crib now. Woohoo.

Etta's New Bed

Waking Up-Sleeping in and Odd Spot

Sleeping in the Right Spot this Time
Daddy helping Etta wake up from her nap
Eric put the frame on Etta's bed yesterday and all is going ok. She fell asleep on the floor for her nap yesterday and woke up screaming in the middle of the night. It's funny, the only thing that has changed is the height of the bed. We didn't think there would be much of a problem with the change. Eric and I both had to go in there and calm her down on separate occasions last night. Hope she gets over it soon. I took some pictures of the bed on the frame and will post them when I download the next set of pictures.
"Hey, I remember this thing"
Etta had her 18 month check up this past week and she weighs 24lbs 13oz (50th percentile), 31.5in long (30th percentile), and her cranium is also in the 30th percentile (can't remember the measurements. She's our short chunky girl!

Fun picture of Chloe

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