Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Diaper Challenge: LUVS

Etta: about 25 pounds wearing size 4
Cost: $10.88

Description: Etta's been wearing LUVS for over the last week and I'm overall impressed with how LUVS has been working. We tried them on Etta when she was wearing size one and didn't like them after using Pampers Swaddlers but now it's a little different since she's older. She didn't have any leak problems and held her urine really well. We haven't used them at night since we still have size 5 Pampers but we'll have a chance in a few weeks when we run out of Pampers. Now, I have to admit they aren't soft like HUGGIES Supreme or the Pampers, but they definitely hold liquid better than Pampers.

Chloe: About 8 pounds wearing size 1
Cost: $10.88

Description: Chloe has been in Pamper's newborns since birth and are oh so soft. LUVS has a more plastic feeling on the outside and just seem a little lower grade than Pampers, but they hold urine and poop just as well. We've only had one or two blowouts since the switch to LUVS last week.

Conclusion: These are about $4 less than HUGGIES or Pampers per package which is a big difference when you are buying two to three packages at once. Unless I have coupons for Pampers or HUGGIES to make them as cheap as LUVS, I would rather spend less money and buy the LUVS. But, we are still going to try several more brands before picking a brand.

Next diaper challenge: the military brand!
Upcoming blogs...surviving my first week of Japanese class/Eric's survival of taking care of two babies on his own and my new hair cut.

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