Thursday, August 16, 2007


This blog isn't about anything in particular, just a bunch of little things going on along with a handful of pictures. Below is a picture of Etta in her new bed. I should have taken a picture of the bed without her in it, but that would be a boring picture. New rule: pictures from now on must include at least one of our children.
We found a children's consignment store in Pacific Grove (next town over) and found a few things including this adorable strawberry shortcake outfit. I took a bag full of preemie clothes that have been outgrown and hope to get some store credit for them.

One wonderful thing about the girls being close in age is the fact that Etta is to young to understand jealousy. She loves her little sister. The only time she has a problem with her is when I change Chloe's diaper on the changing table; Etta likes to be able to hand me the diaper and ointment which she can't get too.

Chloe does tummy times several times a day and doesn't particularly enjoy it. I've been luckily to get a couple good shots of her with her head up. She's sleeping a little better at night. I still get up about twice a night, but I can't complain since I'm getting about 6 hours of sleep at night.

We've been pretty couped up in the house since moving her but this week is one sociable week. Last night we went to Prunedale (30 minutes away!) for dinner with a couple and their toddler that we know from Officer Christian Fellowship. It was nice just hanging out with another couple with a toddler Etta's age. Tonight we have OCF, tomorrow we are going to dinner at a couple's house that is also learning Japanese, and Saturday we are having a get together dinner for all the people in Eric's Japanese class. We'll take pictures, it should be fun.

I picked up some LUVS diapers the other day from the commissary and I saved about $4 a package compared to Huggies. I hope these work for the girls! I still have quite a few Huggies newborns to finish for Chloe but just a handful of Etta's Huggies left. I'll blog about the difference after she's worn them for several days to let you know what I think.

Such a random blog, but it's better than nothing!


Cams said...

Although to you it may seem random, really, your life is your girls right now and the new home, right?
I think the one of Chloe with her head held up is a great pic. I really need to get around to updating my OCB page and officially coming off of "vacation" but I haven't=)
Glad to see that you are doing well.
Your Friend. Cami

Just the Sous Chef said...

Love all the pics of your girls ... soooooooooo cute. Also, my best diaper find are the store-brand diapers from Albertson's. I absolutely love them. Consumer Reports rated them very high which is why I tried them. They are by far my favorite and way less expensive, esp when on sale. Do you have Albertson's grocery stores?! It is called Baby Basics (store brand). HTH!!! Hugs to you and your girls!