Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sorry for the Delay

I was going to post on Friday but never got around to it. Now I'm sitting here and can't upload my pictures! Ok, so I went to my doctor appointment Friday and found out I'm 4cm dilated and completely effaced. He said I am so thin it's like a tissue. He said to go back on my anti-contraction medication through the weekend because he is delivering at a different hospital out of town. So, I am on my medication until tonight. Let me just say, I feel like she could just drop out of me right now. He also said that if it becomes uncomfortable at any time, he would induce me. I figure if I make it to my next doctor appointment (Thursday) I will ask him about it. However, I feel that once I'm off my medication it won't take too long for things to get started. Eric's mom's birthday is on the 12th so I wonder if anything will happen that day?
Since I'm not being as cautious about being on bed rest, Eric, my mom, and I went out to the Fisherman's Wharf on Saturday. We checked out some of the stores and looked at all the restaurants. If you are ever in Monterey all you need to do is walk up and down the wharf and sample clam chowder for lunch. However, Etta was not interested in clam chowder. We ended up stopping at a restaurant for a wonderful lunch. Today we went to a different church to see if one of them suits us more than another. We went to Shoreline Community Church. Wow, it's big, free breakfast and coffee, and basically a live band for worship music. We really liked the message today, but I think we'll be going to the Calvary Chapel that is down the street. They have more women's bible studies available, a great kids room (tons of toys...very important for Etta), and the sermons have been great so far.
Looks like mom and I are going to watch a movie this evening while Eric spends the evening studying Japanese. By the way, he is doing wonderful. Of course I think it's due to the 4 hours of studying he does every day. Hope everyone is doing great. I'll try getting some pictures up soon.


Lysandra said...

Phew she is still in! Good for Chloe!

Tara said...

Still praying for you! Glad to hear things are going well so far.

Jill said...

I am going to have to send you to detention young lady for not listening to your doctor. Keep Chloe nice and cozy in there for awhile longer.
--Teacher Jill :)