Thursday, July 12, 2007

Here Comes Chloe

I had my doctor appointment this morning and I am dilated to 5cm. Woohoo, one centimeter in a week. My doctor has a room set for me tomorrow at our local hospital and they will slowly induce me at 7am hoping that it will kick in labor naturally. If my water doesn't break on it's own by noon, he'll come in and rupture my membranes. Since Etta was born about an hour after her placenta ruptured, he assumes it won't take long after noon before Chloe comes out. So, Chloe will be born on lucky Friday the 13th!
It will be easy for Eric to remember since his mom's birthday is the 12th (today!) and he was in the 13th Fighter Squadron in Misawa. Super easy to remember.
We'd love to have lots of prayers tomorrow morning for Chloe's healthy arrival and a safe delivery for me. If you don't hear from us by phone in the next day or two, I'll try getting pictures on the blog when we return from the hospital!

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Just the Sous Chef said...

Thinking of you ... looking forward to seeing pics soon! I hope all is going well!