Thursday, July 12, 2007

Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix

I've read all the Harry Potter books, seen and own all the Harry Potter movies, and even have the next book pre-ordered through I had decided that with the eminent arrival of Chloe that Eric and I would have too hard of a time getting out to see the new movie. However, my mom volunteered to watch Etta last night so we could go to the theater (as long as I wasn't in labor or had delivered Chloe that day). Eric gave up several hours of studying to go see the movie with me. Ahhhh.
Movie Critic by me: Since it has been so long since reading Order of the Phoenix I can't remember many of the little details. Many people claim that it has cut too many important things out of the movie to make it coherent but looking at it from my perspective it made perfectly good sense. Yes, I was longing for more when the movie ended but I think that's pretty standard since there are only two more movies left and a lot has to happen to conclude so many story lines. I would never take young children to see this movie and was glad to see our theater held more adults and teenagers than anything. It's a darker version of the first Harry Potter movies and enjoyable to watch. Luna Lovegood's character in the book was a little too much for me to take but the young lady playing her role did an excellent job making her more believable and likable. The portrayal of Professor Umbridge is just amazing and you'll hate her from nearly the beginning, even if she is coated in pink icing (you'll get it when you see it)
If you want to see Potter and his pals go up against dark witches and wizards this movie is the one for you. This will probably be our last theater outing for a long time. Surely the next movie we see in the theater will be the Land of Time sequel 14 (yikes). Let me know if you end up seeing Potter and what you think of it.

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