Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Finally, Some Pictures

My mom and I went to the Farmers Market yesterday and for the first time I saw someone doing Henna tattoos. Before we left Vegas I tried finding someone that does henna here in Monterey but couldn't find anything online. They booked me for an appointment today and I just got back from getting my first henna tattoo and on my belly! It was fun and only took about 20 minutes to do. She told me that since my skin is so light it should even stay longer than most, about 3 weeks. I have my doctor's appointment tomorrow and can't wait to see his reaction when he goes to measure me.
Henna tattoo at 36 weeks and 5 days
36 weeks and 5 days
Pictures at 36 weeks

Etta lounging on Maggie
Still lounging

Etta loves her daddy's hat


Tara said...

I love your tattoo! It looks awesome. You'll have to post a blog and let us all know how your doctor reacts. :-) That should be funny.

Have a good day!

Jill said...

Beautiful. . can't wait for an update on baby Chloe.

Lysandra said...

Your tattoo looks so cool...just a few a few days and you will be 37 weeks! How cool! That is great. I hope you don't go to 42 like I did though! It sucked getting that big. When Etta is on your lap you can't even tell that you are pregnant...I can't wait to see Chloe. I want to see how much like Etta she looks.