Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Catch Up Time

I haven't been online much for an obvious reason...I'm busy. Luckily I had my mom to help out around the house and with the girls initially, but I've been on my own the last few days. Chloe's nights have been pretty good the last few days with the exception of last night, she just didn't want to sleep between 3am and 5am. I've been fortunate in Etta's and Chloe's afternoon nap coinciding so I can nap too. But, I'm forgoing it today so I can update everyone with pictures.
Everything is going pretty well, however Etta seems to be testing her boundaries lately, especially while I'm nursing and can't get after her. She's smacked Chloe in the face once and hasn't tried it since. Etta really wants to play with her, but doesn't understand how to be delicate with her. Etta also has been extremely whinny lately, more than likely has something to do with my attention being diverted to Chloe now. Ahhhh.
Chloe had a check up appointment yesterday and she gained 7 ounces in one week! The doctor was very happy with that. She is now 6lbs 4oz...up an ounce from her birth weight. Woohoo. Obviously I've got enough milk for her, which has been a concern of mine.
Eric's parents are coming this afternoon and staying for a little while (not sure how long). They may find the air mattress a bit uncomfortable compared to the queen mattress that is now in storage. I look forward to having help around the house, mainly for Etta's sake. Hopefully they can take her to the park and play with her since all that has taken a toll since coming home with Chloe.
Not much else to report. I'll have to post new pictures of the girls with the grandparents when I get the chance. Enjoy the photos.

Etta loves looking at Chloe
Grandma Pam and her two grandbabies
Chloe's awake!
Such a cutie
Etta loves to wear shoes
"Hi Chloe"
Sleeping some more


Lysandra said...

Oh my Gosh your girls are just too cute! I can tell that Chloe's gonna be a looker like her big sis!

Tara said...

I love the new pictures! Your girls are just adorable!!