Saturday, June 30, 2007

Wow, I Made it to 35 Weeks

Sorry I haven't been in contact via email or blog the past week since we have had internet problems...again! I just published my previous blog that I started working on a couple of days ago and wanted to update everyone on Chloe's progress. As of Friday I made it to 35 weeks and saw my doctor to get checked out. I'm still between 3 and 4 cm dilated but pretty much completely effaced. My doctor said it's possible I could hold out for another week, but was talking about all the days he'll be at the hospital this week delivering. That gives me the assumption that he doesn't think I'll actually make it to 36 weeks. We'll see.
Since I only made it to 34 weeks with Etta I've been experiencing pregnancy pains for the first time. Sometimes I think she's giving me a hint that labor will be in the near future but then realize it's probably pains from being big. I'm having a hard time sleeping because of a foot in my ribs she's adamant about keeping there and she loves to hit a nerve in my pelvic area that gives me shooting pains as well. I can't imagine doing this for 5 more weeks if I went full term! However, I'm supposed to stop taking my anti-contraction medication as of this coming Friday. I believe if I make it that far, it won't be long before going into labor after the medication wears off.
My dad will be leaving us Tuesday and my mom will be replacing him the following day. There is no way I could have made it this far without everyones' help around the house. If you've sent me a personal message I plan on getting back to you this long as we our internet service holds out! Thanks for the prayers everyone.

35 weeks pregnant


Jill said...

Is Chloe still in there?? Update Update--you know I lack patience. You should be blogging every day--actually every hour :)

Christy said...

Jill, you complain about my lack of blogging? Check out yours girly! Just kidding, I'll be updating soon. As soon as I can get my picture uploaded.

Lysandra said...

Yes where is Chloe?