Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Welcome to Monterey Dad

My dad flew into California on Sunday to help out around the house and with Etta. Unfortunately Etta was not herself that day. She has the unfortunate business of getting new teeth; too many at once it seems. She's got her top first molars coming in and at least one canine on the bottom. She was inconsolable that day...and night. At about 11pm she woke up screaming and I did what I normally do, let her cry it out. After about 15 minutes I figured it was time to check on her. I loved her and rocked her and put her back into the crib after she fell asleep. Several minutes later, she began screaming again. I repeated the process several times and even had Eric help out once. We tried the pillow over the head to ignore her as the hours dragged through the night. I even heard my dad get up and try calming her down. After three hours of off and on screaming I decided to just stay up with her in the living room. She was fully medicated with Motrin and Orajel and couldn't do anything else. She watched some TV while I laid on the floor trying to get some sleep. An hour and a half later she decided she was tired enough to fall asleep. Therefore, I got to sleep at 3:45am. Lets just say I sure was tired! Chloe isn't even born yet and I had a horrible night of sleep. My dad was probably thinking that this trip is going to be long and sleepless. However, she's back to her cheery self with the occasional crabbiness due to her teeth. Oh yeah, she's getting a bunch of canker sores on her tongue and I was wondering if anyone elses kids have ever had that problem? She's just a wreck right now!

Here are some long awaited pictures of our house. Some before...scary, and some after...better. We're still working on the bedrooms which are full of junk and awaiting the storage company to pick up a room full of extra furniture.
15 stairs down to our place
Back Patio
View from Back Patio
View from Back Patio
Living Room Moving Day
Living Room Moving Day
Master Bedroom
Etta's room, soon to be Chloe's room
Living room now
Dining room/kitchen (still a little scary)


Laura said...

The pics of your dad and Etta are so cute! It looks like they're really having a great time. I like the pregnancy picture of you also. You made it to 35 weeks. Praise God! I'm so excited for you and your family. You're in our prayers. Miss you all lots!

KBG said...

Sores on the tongue (and in cheeks sometimes too) could be thrush. It's a pretty easy fix - and the medicine tastes good too!