Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Olmsted Scholar Trip to Washington DC

We had a flight to Denver at 8:30am Thursday and we made last call for our flight! Of course it always takes longer to leave the house and get to the airport with a little one in tow. But, we made it and it was a short trip to Denver. We had a 30 minute layover which meant we had enough time to go from one gate to the next. Luckily the woman sitting in our row felt pity for us and moved to an empty seat giving us the entire row to ourselves! She traveled great except for a few minutes of screaming before falling asleep.

Etta telling us what she thinks of the plane ride
Etta finally asleep
We got our rental car (won't do that again, just travel on the subway from here on out) and managed to make it to the hotel without getting into an accident. Eric turned around to the airport to pick up his parents. Once we all got back together we went out to dinner and called it a night. Etta had a horrible night. She woke up about 2am coughing like crazy and calling for mama. We brought her into bed and tried getting her to get comfy there (we never do that!). It didn't work, she just continued crying. Eric finally got her to fall asleep on him and then put her in our bed to finish our night of sleep. At 6am (3am our time) she wakes up coughing so hard she is throwing up. Eric's parents were planning on taking her on a White House tour and what not at 7:30 but figured that wasn't going to happen with her throwing up phlegm that she had been swallowing. I opted to skip the first half of the conference to stay with Etta while his parents did their touring. Eric's parents' got back during lunch time and I was able to sit in on the rest of the conference and meet the other scholars and spouses.
Let me give you a little more information on the Olmsted Scholar Foundation. It was started by General Olmsted in 1959, who believed in educating military officers broadly. This year they chose 21 officers from the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force to go to language school to learn languages like Japanese (us and two others), Mandarin, French, German, Romanian, Croatian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, and a couple of other languages I couldn't even tell you about (some African language and whatever they speak in Azerbaijan). It was eye opening and made everything seem real after the day long conference. I'll write more in a minute about the Gala we went to the following night.
The next day we got to spend it however we wanted to. Etta was awake for several hours in the middle of that night so we were pretty darn tired but she at least slept in! We did breakfast and subway traveling to get to Union Station. We were planning on doing a trolley tour with Eric's parents to see all the sites. Of course as soon as we were supposed to board the trolley Etta had a tantrum so we couldn't go. We let Eric's parents go on without us and we caught the subway to see a few things on our own before heading back to the hotel. We were able to see the Washington Monument, World War II Memorial, Korean War Memorial, and the Lincoln Memorial. It was my first time seeing DC and was pretty excited about the opportunity. That night Eric's parents came over to watch Etta while we went to the annual Gala. Current and past scholars are invited every year to socialize and make contacts. We met a couple that is going to Kobe, Japan in a few months as well as a gentleman that went to the same city and college we are planning on going to. Of course that was in 1978 but it was still great talking to him. We also met General Abizaid who was in charge of forces in Iraq for several years until his recent retirement. He was a Olmsted Scholar in 1978 and went to Jordan to learn Arabic.
Us traveling on the subway
Washington Monument
Lincoln Memorial in Background
Reflection Pool (plus guy standing on hands in background)
Eric and I at the Gala Since our long weekend in DC this whole thing has become a reality. We got home at 1am Monday and started our drive to Monterey, California at noon. We made a stop in Templeton, Ca for the night and arrived this afternoon. I'll write another blog within the next few days about our drive, stay in Templeton, and house hunting (we'll begin tomorrow). All is going well with the pregnancy; almost 32 weeks now! I just need to catch up on a lack of sleep from the past week. Lots of prayers needed. Thanks for checking in on us.


Jill said...

Sounds like a busy busy trip. Is Etta feeling better? DC is one trip I have not been on that I would like to go on.

P.S. the ranch is wishbone just 2 good.

Tara said...

Cute pics Christy! That one of you and Eric at the gala is really good-your hair looks pretty curled! I'm glad you still got to see some good sites in D.C.---I loved it there and would love to visit again.



Elizabeth said...

you are beautiful!
It looks like you found the right dress!