Friday, June 22, 2007

I Made it to 34 Weeks!
Today Chloe's gestational age is 34 weeks and 1 day, also the date that I delivered Etta. So, after today I will be in new territory. I just can't believe I've been able to hold onto her for this entire week since my previous appointment. I went to see my doctor today and he did a full exam and said that I am just over 3cm but not yet 4cm and 90% effaced. He said that as long as I continue with the modified bed rest and medication to stop contractions I could buy another week before Chloe is born. He's hoping that we make it to 36 weeks, but he says every day she's in there is better. He also told me that he believes my problem lies with an incompetent cervix. He said that if we want to have more children he would recommend getting my cervix sewn up. I don't know the details and not sure if we'll pursue it. Eric says this is our last because he can't handle the stress of pre-term labor anymore. What a wussy! Not like he has to get weekly shots in the butt and carry the baby around getting kicked throughout the day.
34 weeks pregnant!
Eric's parents are heading back to Oceanside tomorrow and my dad is showing up on Sunday. He'll be here until July 3rd! My mom has gotten a ticket to replace him July 4th. It's nice knowing that I'll have extra hands to take care of Etta during this time. Speaking of Etta, she's got canine teeth coming in and she is not doing well. She's been running a fever off and on all day today and she obviously is not her cheery self during the fever.
Eric has been working so hard at getting the house all set up. Seeing as I couldn't really do anything, he's done it all himself. I feel really bad about it but he wouldn't let me lift a finger, not even to put my own clothes away. The living room, dining room, kitchen, and bedroom are complete. We can't finish both of the girls' bedrooms until a bunch of our stuff is picked up for storage. Once that is taken care of I can work on organizing both of there rooms. We need to get Etta into the twin bed soon so the crib will be available for Chloe. Does anyone have a suggestion on a one sided bedrail or a type of twin mattress that worked well for their kid? Any suggestion would be appreciated. I plan on putting a few pictures of the house up on the blog this weekend. I have before and after pictures, some of the before pictures are quite scary!
I just want to thank everyone for their prayers, they are working! I'll keep everyone posted as news comes in.


Jill said...

Are you getting excited to meet Miss Chloe? Hopefully she will stay in there awhile longer. Okay sewing up the cervix--doesn't sound fun, I think two is a great number.

Laura said...

Eat lots of ice cream. It will help put fat on the baby. Atleast that's what I was told when I was in pre-term. I'm so happy you have made it to this point in the pregancy. Praise God!!! Maybe her name should be Chloe Nevaeh which is heaven spelled backwards. She is truly a gift from God. It is so awesome to see how God works in our lives. God bless you all. Please let me know if these's anything I can do.

Beth said...

I can't believe how small your belly is! Hang in there. :)

I recommend a bed rail from Lowes or Home Depot and a baby gate at the toddler's doorway so they cannot escape the room in the night and you don't have to keep chasing them back to bed in the evening. It's worked great for us. They just know when the gate is closed it's bed time and yet the door is open.

Lysandra said...

YEah!!! I am so excited for you! I have a friend that had an incompetent cervix...they do a very simple procedure called a cerclage and sew it shut. Then when it's time, you have it cut! It works great for most people and shouldn't be anything to worry worry about! Glad you are hanging in there!