Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hawaiian Tropic Pageant

Etta was in a Hawaiian Tropic Pageant this past Sunday. Saturday was the swimsuit competition and we decided Etta just doesn't look that cute in her swimsuit due to her big gut so we opted to do the dress up pageant on Sunday. She was in the same dress as her previous pageant. Good thing she still fit into it. We unfortunately weren't allowed to take photos during the pageant because they have a professional photographer. We decided not to pay the $20 for 4 pictures.

Etta ended up winning 2nd Runner Up and Most Beautiful Eyes out of 7 girls between the age of 12 months to 23 months. It was so different than the Cinderella Pageant. Even though 'pageant dresses' weren't allowed there were still a few girls that were in them. A few of the girls even had light make up on. I felt like we were a little out of place! However, I think Etta had a good time running around the place and showing herself off. I've been trying to find some local pageants in Monterey but I'm not finding them as easily there as in Las Vegas. Hopefully we can do another pageant or two before heading over to Japan. I'm enjoying them.

Etta and her two trophies


Jill said...

Congratulations Etta!!!

Lysandra said...

Congrats Etta! You are such a cutie pie and deserve it!

Laura said...

Second runner up? Were the judges blind? Etta you'll always be number one to us!!!