Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Weight Loss and Pregnancy

Some women loose weight during the first trimester due to morning sickness and thankfully I never had to experience that. Weight loss has never come easy to me, I've always been the meaty girl. I've always enjoyed my food which was inherited by the way my family eats. Not a bad thing, but I've always wished to be skinnier. After keeping about 15 pounds from Etta (hello, I only gained 19) we got pregnant with baby number two. It probably didn't help that I told myself that since I was breast feeding I could eat and drink whatever I wanted. Big mistake, that's where the 15 pounds come into play. Since putting on the weight my BMI changed by one or two points and pushed me into the overweight category which greatly depressed me.
Several months ago while our women's bible study on Esther was wrapping up the suggestion of doing another bible study was brought to all the ladies. The bible study would be called First Place and it's a combination of a nutritional program along with a bible study putting God first in your life. You may not understand the purpose behind it if you are not a Christian, but the bible says that our bodies are the temple for the holy spirit and we should be living sacrifices for the Lord. How many of us sacrifice when it comes to eating? The lady that leads our bible study has said in times past that we should eat to live, not live to eat. Over the last several weeks we have learned how to eat balanced, proportioned meals, and in the end we feel better and typically loose some weight.
Each day we are supposed to meet the specific requirements of our diet, 5 oz of meat, 5 servings of starches, at least 2 servings of veggies, 3 servings of fruit (or 1/4 cup of juice), 2 servings of milk, 15 g of fat for the day, and no sugar. I end up weighing & measuring my food and reading labels carefully. I work all day long to make sure I'm getting in all that I should and if I'm still hungry I have celery with peanut butter to hold me over. Turns out I've lost 6 pounds the first three weeks of the nutrition program and I'm approaching 23 weeks of my pregnancy (overall I'm 2.5 pounds lighter from the time I found out I was pregnant).
Several people have expressed concern for my new diet while being pregnant. How can anyone worry about me eating the healthiest I've eaten in my life? Is it bad that I'm not providing sugar to our new baby girl? I do cheat every once in awhile. I did have two scoops of ice cream with a brownie a couple of nights ago when we had a guest, I still lost a half a pound the following day! I talked with my doctor and she said 'good on me' for giving up sugar and watching what I eat. 'Of course you're going to loose weight if you give up sugar, watch what you eat, and work out' she tells me.
On top of keeping track of my daily intake, I have to read the scripture daily, work on my bible study daily, have a memory verse each week, and have other pieces of homework throughout the week (calling someone from bible study to see how they are doing as well as more reading from our bible study book). I've learned to put God first rather than myself and seem to be making wiser decisions in general. I feel pretty calm about all the upcoming move, especially since we have no more new information and the house will be on the market coming this weekend. I'll keep you posted.
We have before and after pictures with our bible study and I know I'll be very pregnant when we finish the bible study but I'll post pictures to see if anyone can tell a difference in my appearance. Pray that I keep up the good work and lets see how long I can continue my healthy diet.


Jill said...
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Jill said...

Kudos to you Christy for eating healthy!! Just be careful. I know how hard it is to eat healthy since January I have made a conscious effort to make wiser choices. Have you seen a registered dietician? They are a great tool to use when you are changing your eating habits. I know this from experience; it can make a huge difference. It is better to be safe, rather than sorry for you and your little girl. You can even have a poop analysis done—wouldn’t that be fun???

Jill said...

I forgot to add that almost all insurances pay for visits to a dietician. So it would cost hardly anything - just a copay.

Christy said...

A poop analysis! Sounds like fun. Yeah right. Have you had that done?

Tara said...

Wow, Christy that sounds like a great plan. I've heard that not eating sugar also helps you to have a calmer baby. Not sure if that's true, but either way little or no sugar is good for the body.

I can't believe your BMI put you in the overweight category! You look so slender in every picture I've seen of you! You make me look like a whale! LOL