Monday, April 30, 2007

Sunday's BBQ

We had the opportunity to go to a friend's BBQ after Etta's nap on Sunday and we had such a good time. After chowing down on some food it had cooled down enough for us to go outside and swim. Of I course opted not to swim, my excuse: I don't have a maternity swimsuit (mainly because I really don't want to wear one in public). At first Etta was not happy about the idea of going into the pool. It's been many months since she's gone in one! This is Etta initially in the pool.This is Etta's friend Kierlyn Buddy (a dachshund) jumping into the pool
Etta watching buddy swim
Kierlyn about to jump into the pool
Jason and Eva (with Lola), BBQ hosts
Etta checking out Lola

I swear I ate 3 brownies that day (along with a hot dog!) and I had my weigh in last night at bible study. Man, was I scared. However, I still lost half a pound last week. This baby must be burning up some serious calories. We have another party this Friday night that we are looking forward to going too. Hopefully we'll have some good pictures of that too. Does anyone else have up-coming summer parties they are planning on throwing or going to?


Just the Sous Chef said...

DARLING pictures ... I like the before and after pics of Etta in the pool. I bet Little Lu is going to be the same way, it has been a while since he has been in a pool. :) -TK

Jill said...

Etta is sooo cute. I bet you buy sunscreen by the case for the family. There is sun in Vegas right???? :)