Thursday, April 19, 2007

Praise God

I've been praying the last couple of weeks for unanswered questions, mainly when and where we'll be moving too for language school. Eric has heard countless stories from past Olmsted Scholars that they didn't receive orders until the week they were to move. That would put us in a pickle since we are trying to sell our home and I have 15 weeks left in this pregnancy.
I keep asking Eric when he gets home if he has heard anything and he just tells me that he'd call if he'd hear anything throughout the day. Eric was at work for 13 hours today and called when he left to say he'd be home in 45 minutes. I asked if there was any news and he of course played coy with me. "How important is it to you to know when and where we are going?" he'd ask. "I have a piece of paper in my pocket with that information, maybe we should wait until I get home to look at it." He went on for a few minutes before finally convincing him to tell me. We are to report to Monterey, California between May 28th and June 11th. Since we have the big conference the beginning of June in D.C., we figure we'll leave for California a few days after we return from the conference. Wow, I can finally start planning a few things like: who my next doctor is, where we are going to live, an getting day care for Etta so I can take language classes too. It's a relief to find out and I thank everyone who prayed with us.
I never thought I'd live in California...even if it is for just a year. If anyone has gone to Monterey, tell me all the places we have to visit while we're there. I'm getting excited now!


Tara said...

That's terrific news Christy! Praise God!

I've only visited Monterey once and it was really cool. Just being down at the harbor is fun and they have a great aquarium too. Hopefully someone with more experience can give you more advice than that. :-)

I'm excited for you guys!

Jill said...

Sounds like you are going to busy busy busy in the next couple of months . . . . . Is that where they make Monterey Jack cheese? :O

Just the Sous Chef said...

Monterey is a GREAT place! The Aquarium is fabulous, Etta will love it. Keeping you in my prayers for the language and all the other plans yet to unfold! -TK