Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Not Much

Not much to report since the last blog. Eric and I are debating on whether or not to rent a house in Monterey or live in base housing. Pros and cons for both sides but I always see the extra money we'd be spending if we were to live off base. I suppose it all depends on how wonderful the houses are off base. I've also started looking for an OB doctor but it will look like I'll be without one for about a week or two after we move there just because of paperwork. Unfortunately they don't have a women's clinic on base so I have to find a primary care physician and see him/her to get a referral to an OB. As long as I don't deliver early, we'll be in the clear.
Thought I should add some pictures. Below is a picture of Etta at her first dog show. My mom came to Las Vegas during Easter weekend and there was a 4 day dog show then. Etta and I came along one day so she could see all the pretty dogs. In this picture she was holding onto Sneaker's leash before she went into the ring.
Etta and Mommy on Easter
Etta and Grandma on Easter
Etta is now a walker! She finally decided to let go of my finger a week or two ago. She has been falling a lot on her butt, but seems to be getting the hang of it. We have several videos of her walking but I have no idea how to get them onto my blog (if you know how, let me know). This was taken earlier today in a brand new outfit. She won't wear bows or headbands but she loves sunglasses! I'm stylin'


Just the Sous Chef said...

LOVE all the new Etta pictures. The one of the two of you on Easter is PRECIOUS!!! - TK

Tara said...

Super cute pictures!! Etta looks very chic in her sunglasses. :-)