Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Double Stroller

Since we have baby number two on the way we thought it would be a good idea to start looking for a double stroller. Since Eric and I are both economical (or you may call it frugal) we wanted to buy second hand. We have a second hand kids store about 10 minutes from our house called the Children's Orchard. It's a small store but it's packed with a bunch of good stuff. We've picked up clothes and toys there quite a few times. I asked to be put on a waiting list for a double stroller about 3 months ago since they sell almost as soon as they come into the store. Last Saturday I got a call from them saying they had just gotten a Graco double stroller. Woohoo, I have a Graco infant car seat that will fit on it. I told them I'd be by that day or the next to look at it since I was currently scrapbooking. They told me that they have a no hold policy and that it may not be there tomorrow. No problem, I would go look at it after scrapbooking.
About an hour and a half later I was outside the store looking at the stroller. It was in great shape but couldn't figure out how to collapse it since it is slightly different than the one we already have. I went inside and asked the owner if she could show it to me. She gets a look of horror on her face and says 'oh no'. I told her I'm on the list and got a call a few hours ago. She tells me that it's on hold for someone in Henderson. Hello, what about the no hold policy? I ask her if she could at least show it to me and she does and tells me it is $64.99. Well, it's in great shape and I want it. I asked her if she would sell it to me and she had no idea what to do. She said she was going to piss one of us off by selling it to the other. She called the Henderson store to get words of advice. The owner then comes over and gives me a $10 gift card for the inconvenience and asked me to wait until 4:30 pm (another 20 minutes) for the other lady to show up. I wondered around the store until 4:35 and she hadn't showed up by then so I got it for $54.99! I think the lady had showed up as I was leaving. I've also found that has a large selection of items like that. I just hate driving around to look at pieces of junk when I know the Children's Orchard cleans up their products and only takes in good stuff to begin with.
I tried leaving as fast as I could just in case that was the Henderson lady and it took me forever to get the stroller into my trunk. My Impala's trunk is huge but I still had to take a cup holder off to get the sucker to fit. Man, I so see a van in our future! Since the house is on the market now the stroller has taken occupancy up in the attic along with a bunch of other stuff. However, Eric commends me on my super good find (even if he had to stick it up in the attic for the next few months).


Laura said...


I have a great visual of you body slamin' the stroller into the back of your car while parts are flying off. Then as you get into your car sticking your tongue out at the Henderson lady as you sing nany-nany-nany. Oh by the way where's the maternity pictures. I think all your blog readers would agree. We want to see pictures of your tummy. If you're reading this comment give Christy a hard time until she posts photos of her pregnant. WE WANT PICTURES!!!!!!

Just the Sous Chef said...

Way to go ......... what a GREAT deal on the double stroller!!!