Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Etta's Name Becomes Popular

Ok, not really, but I got the funniest news this morning. A local friend of mine called this morning to catch up. Sherra occasionally watches Etta for me while I go to my doctor check ups and I do the same for her. Last time Sherra watched Etta, her in-laws were out for a visit. They liked the name Etta Mae so much that they got a new dog and named it Etta Mae! Sherra was a little nervous to tell me about it but I just laughed. Seeing how our dog has the same name as Eric's mom (different spelling though!), I didn't find it offensive rather than funny. I suppose I should be flattered that someone would like the name that much. I suppose I should find a picture of the dog first before saying I'm flattered rather than offended. If it turns out to be a pug, then I may have to question the naming. Just had to share that with you.

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Lysandra said...

That is funny! I am glad you are taking it in the positive way you are.