Saturday, March 10, 2007

Etta Falls Asleep on the Floor...First Time Ever

My mom always seems to ask if Etta has fallen asleep on the floor and I always so no. But, there is a first time for everything. After having her meal in the high chair I always give her her sippy cup while she's sitting on the floor with her big pink pillow behind her. She normally gets comfy while Einstein or one of my movies is on. This particular day she was half asleep through her lunch; her milk just topped her off and made her want to go to sleep. She still has milk on her cheek in this picture below. She always goes into the crib awake so this was this first time I've ever put her down for a nap completely out of it. It was pretty darn cute.
Etta asleep on the floor

I haven't been good about taking and posting pictures in general lately so I got a few the other day. These were taken just seconds after each other. She was chasing me down. She wanted the camera! That's probably one reason we haven't been taking as many pictures, it's hard when all she wants to do is play with the camera .

Eric's uncle and brother are out for the weekend. Last night we rented and watched Stranger Than Fiction, we really enjoyed it. We've been watching some downer of movies lately and needed a pick me up. That did it. We'll be watching Facing Giants soon too. My pastor's wife said that was a good family movie so I figure it will be a feel good movie. If you want to watch a strange on, rent 13 (aka Tzameti). It's a French flick about a young guy going to this betting tournament where they actually do Russian Roulette but he is supposed to be one of the contestants. Strange! It's obviously not a feel good movie.

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Lysandra said...

I wish Mikey would fall asleep on the floor.