Tuesday, March 20, 2007

20 Week Ultrasound

What a morning. We left 15 minutes early hoping to get my weekly shot done before the ultrasound but we waited 15 minutes and wasn't able to get it done then. We headed to radiology and waited 45 minutes! Ok, it might not sound like a big deal but Eric was chasing Etta around this tiny waiting room and tile hallway while I concentrated on not peeing myself. If you don't understand, let me enlighten you. You have to have finished 32oz of water an hour before your appointment time and I had been sitting there past my scheduled appointment. Finally they told me it would be 5 more minutes and I seriously was tearing up because I hurt so bad.
The technician called me back and told me that she just needed a few pictures before letting me relieve myself. I got to see my enlarged bladder on the screen and she complimented me on it. "Don't push to hard or I'll pee!" Luckily it was only just a minute before I got to pee for a good 3 minutes straight. After getting some measurements she called Eric and Etta into the room. Luckily Etta had passed out in Eric's arms from crawling around the hospital for over an hour. We have some shots of the babies face, arms, hands, feet, and what not (unfortunately they saved them on a CD as video and we can't figure out how change them into jpeg). The very end was sex determination. Unfortunately they don't allow any pictures of that just in case they get it wrong. Well, once she got the back end of baby it was apparent what the sex is...all girl. We got to see the three white lines so I'm not even going to question or get a second opinion on it this time. Hope you like the pictures. Eric and I will discuss names and maybe have a post of all the names we like the get some opinions from all of you!
I was able to get my weekly shot afterwards too. Last week's gave me a nice welt on my left cheek which has been bothering me the last couple of days. The doctor's and nurses think I may have a slight allergy to it and want me to keep an eye on this shot. How frustrating.
We'll be leaving for Oceanside in a few hours. Don't bother calling my cell phone because it's not working. Etta's drool has killed a few buttons on the phone. Hope it starts working again in a few days. Send me an email if you need anything.


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Congratulations!! Oh dear Eric. . .He had better get used to a 3-1 vote in the house. :) Pageants, Proms, Wedding Dresses!!!