Thursday, February 15, 2007

So Sick

Eric went to D.C. early last week for his interview for the Olmsted Scholar Program. He feels neutral about it. We won't hear anything until the end of March whether or not we got it. Keep your fingers crossed and we'll keep you posted. He called me that Tuesday and said he had picked up a cold. 'Oh no' was my immediate thought, I'm going to get sick. But even before he made it home my throat started to hurt. So, obviously we picked something up in good ole Vegas. He was pretty miserable when he got home really late Tuesday night whereas my cold had just began. This weekend was his worst when he would just cough all night. It was the first time we've ever had to sleep in seperate beds (minus all those times he was deployed or TDY). Then, all of a sudden he seemed to get better while I took a turn for the worse.

Monday my sinuses were so backed-up, my right cheekbone and teeth were killing me. I get in to see one of the doctors in the women's clinic and she tells me to take Tylenol Sinus and see if I'm better by my 16 week check up which was today (Thursday). Well, I am not better, not one bit. I have no relief from pain in my cheek (actually is worse, so much so I can't sleep much at night) and haven't breathed much out of either nostril. My regular doctor told me I should be on Sudafed and Tylenol and gave me some flonase. I suppose if I don't get better next week, that's when they'll officially call it a sinus infection and start treating me. I just don't feel well and would like to get better soon.

Keep my friend Jill in your prayers, she had another miscariage on Monday and lost her second fallopian tube. She's on bed rest at home for at least a week and is very sore, both physically and emotionally.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day. We did Chinese take out...oh yeah! Our big night out might be next week in celebration of our 5 year anniversary. Where has the time gone? Let me leave you with several new pictures of Etta. She can now clap and wave. She's learning new things every day.
I'm almost out the doggy door!

This outfit came all the way from China, thanks to WeiRong's parents

Attack Mookie!
Silly Face
I don't like being organized

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Jill said...

"I don't like being organized" What . . .get her into baby boot camp. She can't live a life of doom of the unorganized. I bet you have to keep an eye on Etta and the doogy door now.