Friday, February 23, 2007

Skin Cancer No More

Eric had two more moles removed two weeks ago and the results came back negative for skin cancer. Yay! The military is finally getting the paperwork rolling to get him back into flying status, otherwise he'll loose his flight pay in two months. We want that paperwork pushed through soon! They have also put in his paperwork that he will only be allowed to be stationed stateside or oversees where there is a dermatologist. We're not sure if that's going to affect his odds at getting the Olmsted Scholar program. I had mentioned that it didn't matter since we won't be seeing any doctors at a base, they would all be off base doctors. Eric's a little worried but also mentioned that the Olmsted Scholar program may not ever see the paperwork. I suppose we'll find out in about a month.

Eric's parents should be arriving within a few hours and are staying the weekend. They'll be watching Etta tomorrow night so we can go out and celebrate our anniversary. Five whole years! We're going to the Eiffel Tower restaurant at the Paris Hotel Casino and then to see Mystere at TI (thanks mom and dad for the tickets!). We're so excited to get out just the two of us!

Today is our actual anniversary and when I said happy anniversary to Eric, he just smiled and looked up. He completely forgot it was today! He was so geared for tomorrow that it slipped his mind that today was the important day. Silly boy. I don't mind...we're going to have a great day tomorrow.

Better go straighten up a few more things before Dave and Maggi show up. I'll post in a couple days telling all about our night out on the town.


Jill said...
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Jill said...

Happy Anniversary!! Does not seem like 5 years. . . Justin and I will celebrate 10 years in December. Goodness-time goes by so fast. Are you renting a hotel room for the night? :)

Sorry I messed up on the first one.

Pam said...

Enjoy your night on the town!!! You two deserve it. Have a lobster for me too....Love ya, Mom