Monday, February 26, 2007

Our Night On the Town

We made it to the Paris Hotel Casino just in time for our 5pm reservations. We got to take an elevator up to the Eiffel Tower restaurant where it opens up right into the kitchen. They took my jacket and seated us at the window facing the Bellagio. Here are two pictures I took while dining. We arrived just as a fountain show had started and saw about 4 more while we were there. Luckily it was still light out when we got there so we were able to take a few pictures. Here are my two favorites.

We couldn't decide what to order so we decided on the option of a little bit of everything. Unfortunately lobster and lamb wasn't on the list which I was looking for but that's OK. I couldn't tell you what everything was, but some of it. We started with little cheese puffs that were tasty. They offered us some bread and my favorite was by far the French bread. Our first course was asparagus flan (which neither of us liked), butternut squash soup, and a mini pancake like thing with cream cheese and smoked salmon. Yum! Next was a sea scallop over diced winter veggies covered in a lobster sauce. My favorite. Here's a picture of Eric eating that dish.
Next we had sauteed sea bass over diced brussel sprouts and smoked bacon. Very good. Another was a duck prosciutto wrapped cheese with a side of fig compote with toasted bread. Another was rack of venison with huckleberry sauce with a side of pureed sweet potato, parsnip, and sauteed red cabbage. Pretty good. The next one, I have no idea what exactly it was but it was cheese that was crispy on the outside with a side apricot petite salad. It was good. The best part was desert. I had a pistachio souffle and Eric had a tray with tons of different type of chocolate desserts. Wow! They also gave us two little bowls of sherbet for our anniversary. We didn't leave hungry!
Fountains going off in the background!

We had about 15 minutes to get to TI for the 7pm showing of Mystere and we couldn't get a taxi so we decided to walk. Year, I wasn't in shoes for walking and we got in about 15 minutes late but luckily didn't miss any of the scenes. The show was amazing, we especially liked the hand balancing and the trampoline act. The show got out at about 9pm and we were already tired! We took a taxi back to Paris and headed home. We are such wussies. But, we had a great time and thank both of our parents. My parents for giving is tickets to Mystere as a gift and Eric's parents for babysitting a cranky Etta while we were out having fun.

I'll be heading to the base hospital in the hour to get a consultation with one of the physicians about a weekly progesterone shot that could help me hold onto the baby till full term. From everything I've read, it sounds great. If the doctor says she thinks it will work for me, I'll probably end up starting the shots today and go all the way through to week 36! I'll keep you posted.


Just the Sous Chef said...

Sounds like a fabulous dinner. MMmmm!

Lysandra said...

You look beautiful!

Jill said...

Now I am hungry after reading your blog!! Sounds like a great night!!