Sunday, February 18, 2007

Etta's First Trip to the Zoo

We wanted (or should I say needed) to get out of the house Saturday and we were determined to go out to the zoo. We found one not too far from out house, even though it's a small zoo. We drove the 20 minutes and paid the $16 for Eric and I to get in plus some bird and goat food. We love feeding the animals. Or first stop was at the ostriches. We made sure our fingers were out of reach. They also enjoyed looking at Etta!Here Etta is checking out the birds, mainly the chickens because there were tons of them just walking around the zoo. We kept them happy with all the food we were throwing at them.
We saw quite a few chicks running around. We kept entertained by constantly throwing more food towards them.

This was the only peacock that showed off his feathers while we were around. He was trying to get the attention of the female in front but she seemed to show no interest in him. Poor bird, I guess he isn't pretty enough for her.
Next we went into the petting zoo which were just the goats. Obviously everyone buys goat food when going to the zoo because they guys are fat and lethargic! Here is the first fatty; Eric put food in front of his nose and he didn't budge. That's him still sleeping with food an inch away from his nose.
This one wasn't nearly as fat but still not interested in the food. At least he was content with Etta petting him. Good thing Eric was holding her or she might have felt compelled to tackle him which she enjoys doing to her dog and cat at home.
Little Wallabies
We also got to see a lion, cougar, gorilla, and lots of reptiles. Unfortunately our camera battery was running low so I didn't get to take as many pictures as I would have liked. We had a good time getting out and I think Etta liked seeing a bunch of new things. She just kept pointing to everything and staring. Hope you enjoyed the photos.

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